Chapel Porth Beach

Located in a mining valley between high cliffs, the first view of the cove is quite spectacular. The impression you get from Chapel Porth depends on when and with what tide you get there. At high tide, the beach can become a small beach of stone and pebbles. However, if you were to visit at low tide, it is quite different, as the sands stretch from St Agnes Head to Lushingtons, at the end of Porthtowan beach.
The time of year you visit and the weather can also have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the beach. Porth Chapel is one of the most exposed beaches on the north coast facing all the strength of the Atlantic. In the winter it can be a gloomy feeling with the famous Wheat Coates motor home overlooking the scene from its cliff.
Summer is a different story with the beach coming to life and the blue water that meets the expanse of fine sand framed by the green of the cliffs. However, even on calm days, Porth Chapel is not without risks: being cut off by the incoming tide is a real danger, so be careful