Constantine Bay

A favorite beach to surf, but it can often be a swimmer’s paradise because it faces west and can have ripped tombs. There are lifeguards there during the peak summer season, so they took note of the flags and if they are there they found a more protected place like Harlyn Bay.

The bay has rock pools on the left and sand sands on the right and gentle promontories in any direction.
During low tide, it connects with its sister beach, Booby’s Bay, giving a growing stretch of more golden sand with lots of space for picnics and beach games. At high tide it changes to a shelving beach and Booby’s Beach can only be reached by a path near the golf course.
Nearby St Merryn has pubs, restaurants and cafes and Padstow is also nearby.
And in case you’re interested, this was Margaret Thatchers’ favorite vacation spot when she was prime minister.